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Dormitabis Remake free download for PC. This game is created based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s but with the story and new electronics. It belongs to the genre of horror games.

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Dormitabis Remake is a game that you definitely must try on the FNAF fan game list.


You woke up, where are you? You think that after that fire that raged with all your memories of the past and your enemy, it’s all over. But no, you are trapped with twisted beings in their same metal and fabric.

Open and that you without hesitation twice to continue surviving, but what are you still alive? That the burning flames of that same hell in a restaurant don’t destroy everything in life and death?

Even if your sins do not exceed you, there are still surprises of cursed and drunken memories that await you.

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John – one of the 4 brothers of the Gruait family is received by the hands of misfortune. He along with the souls in pain invaded by his older brother Garvey. More enemies from the past and the remorse of his own being accumulated in a being of black and white slime will be in his house.

To avoid them, John will have to use the different tools provided by his small but uncomfortable office, facing his fears of face and nightmare incarnate. Finally, The DeepTap, the incarnation of his brother Garvey locked in eternal agony inside that rotten suit of hell that caused his maximum misfortune.


Lead Developer/General Direction – VixDev

Coding – WaffleMan117, martinarthur

Visual Arts/Game Art – ewademar , Marco_Antonio, shadowCorrupted22, Arts_Dinos, Rizzelayuwu1_9078, Furrboll  , Blitzkrieg, ArchiusDeuz18

Animation – Gamer55_C4D , InFox300_YT1231 ,dex-isnt-real ,Jefferson_MZ NoyesYesnoNononoyesnoyesno , purixi

Modeling – sanfaxrx, SupremeDellerior, DAID, InFox300_YT1231, GrayHat_productions, CHICHOGAMES, shadowCorrupted22, Nightcat ,

Coding Help –  Pelusathedeveloper

Voice Actor- VoiceofKINGF0X, ADRIANCOBOS,  Aurdey, GeorgeWKush, SpoopsVA

Composer – SpikeYT

Beta Tester – Diolun

Dormitabis Remake for PC re-upload by game jolt user VixDev. For FNAF fan games this is a game you should experience because it’s a fantastic game on PC.


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