FNAF Jollibee’s


FNAF Jollibee’s Free Download For PC is a video game created by IvanG. It is one part of the horror game series called Jolly.

Jollibee’s is a place with a lot of fun and magic. Many things are waiting for you, so do not hesitate to go to Jollibee’s now!


The player plays a role as a night-shift worker at Jollibee’s. Every night, your task is to pay attention to the animatronics to prevent them from getting in your place. You have to be on your guard to make sure that you know what is happening.

The space you are in has a vent, a window, and a door. The vent is on your left. The window is on your right while the door is in front of your table. You can turn off the power when you have a look at the door and use your flashlight at the vent and window.

FNAF Jollibee's
FNAF Jollibee’s

After you complete one night, a voluntary task is shown. You can choose whether to accomplish the job or not. If you decide to take it, you have to move to one of the rooms and get down to business. On the contrary, you can leave the building to pass over the task.


You need a great PC to play this game smoothly; otherwise, you may be some unwanted bugs and issues!
* This game not release.

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