FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials

FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials Free Download is a kind of survival video game. It was made by The Hottest Dog and published on July 9, 2018. This game is worthy of trying. Trust me! Let read this article then play the game right now!


This game is another Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. Although it is a fan-made product, it has the specific things that you had expected in a game such as good content, lively voices, an attractive interface, etc. It’s about murdered children who are possessed by mysterious, robotic mascots.

FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials
FNAF UCN: The Hottest Specials

All of the characters also the maps shown in this game are not new. They belong to their original creators and Five Nights at Freddy’s belongs to Scott Cawthon.


The maker has his own Youtube channel, and he created a Specials Serie. In case you want to know more about the origin of all the characters, please go to this channel, and the series will give you the information you need.


Three people are joining the process of making this game:

The Hottest Dog: Director

E.Breddy and Foxy’s Universe: Community managers

JoshyGamer201X and James (MB STUDIO): Posters

I hope you have fun with this game!

* This game not release.

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