Golden Memory 2 Android

Golden Memory 2 Android has been released, now it’s completely free to download with the APK file. This game on the phone is almost unchanged content. The gameplay is similar to other FNAF games where you play as a night watchman and must pass 5 nights to survive. Here is the plot of the game

Golden Memory 2 Android is one of the great games updated on the FNAF fan games list

Golden Memory 2 APK for Android


After Fredbear’s Family Diner closed, 17 years have passed, with a new pose, and resurrecting all the characters in the previous pizzeria, Fredbear’s Pizza ShowTime is announced!

With a new pizzeria, we’ll also need a new security guard, right?
So… You will be the new security guard!
Don’t worry, you will be in your office with absolute security. You will also have errands after your night shift.

(Unfinished tasks discounted your payment.)

Game Highlights:

  • More modern scenery and graphics
  • Up to 8 surveillance cameras at any angle
  • The robots look fresher
  • The working corner of the night watchman is wider
  • The control screen can be restarted

Phone configuration requires Old Version

  • Standard version: 2 GB RAM.
  • Lite version: 1.5 GB or 1 GB RAM.
  • Operating System: Android

Golden Memory 2 The latest Android is one of the great games on the FNAF fan games and update we have for you is version 2.0.7. In the future, if there are any changes I will update you soon. Please visit the website FNAF Fan Game often.


Golden Memory 2 Android Screenshot 1 Golden Memory 2 Android Screenshot 2 Golden Memory 2 Android Screenshot 3 Golden Memory 2 Android Screenshot 4

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