Twisted Reality: Origins


If you are bored now, why don’t you get of the Twisted Reality: Origins? Such an exciting game will dispel your bore!

The Twisted Reality: Origins was published on August 31, 2019, with a strong response from game lovers. Are you curious why it is preferred? Let’s learn more about this post!

A story in the game

The game is staged in 1989. You will become a person named Mike Mell. You are a murdering criminal, and the police are chasing you. After escaping from the horrible prison, you are now looking for a place so that you can hide the police. After some time of finding, you see a large empty building. Without thinking too much, you will jump inside it. Can you guess how it looks like inside?

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Actually, it is very dark inside. But don’t scared! Have a look at the ground and you will see a flashlight. Then search for the area, and of course, it is safe. What you need to do now is heading in the lobby. Be careful because this place is full of hats and tables. Then you will meet two robots – Fredbear and Springbonnie. They are familiar, right?

Now you hear a strange sound behind you. It is louder and louder. Let’s follow it, you will go to an office. There are two security doors. With curiosity, you try to open them, and something will happen …

Twisted Reality: Origins
Twisted Reality: Origins


The game is compatible with CPU with AMD Athlon, 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4, or the equivalent ones. RAM needs to be 1 GB. The free space of your disk must be 250 MB and above. XP, Windows 7 or up, and Vista are suitable for this game.


Above is just a part of the story in the game. The rest is waiting for you to discover. Let’s download it to see what happens next. Believe me! Twisted Reality: Origins is worth playing. If you like strong-feeling games, nothing is more perfect than this game.

Điểm neoI have shared it with many friends, and they all like it. I hope you will become the next one. For more interesting things about Twisted Reality: Origins, let’s access the link below. Also, please share it with anyone you know so that they can play and enjoy it with you!

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