AFTEREFFECT DX: Director Cut free download for PC. Vanessa is a young employee on a dead-end job, but in a twist of fate, she is sent on a corporate mission to an abandoned factory. She has the power to uncover the secrets within and unravel the mysteries of Fazbear Entertainment in this narrative-driven visual novel.


AFTEREFFECT DX: Director Cut Story

Long after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed, the tragedies that took place there existed only as far-fetched stories, rumors, and hoaxes. A rogue indie developer has created horror games based on these stories. Now, working to renew their image, the company has begun working on multiple titles to clarify their image in the public’s mind.

You are Vanessa, an unskilled IT worker who is depending on her luck. However, in an unexpected turn of events, she was sent by a senior manager of Fazbear Entertainment on a company mission. Their goal is to visit Dekogon Industries, an elusive manufacturer of robotic components. However, when they visit, they realize that they have been trapped in the facility by an unknown entity. Vanessa and her accomplices are unlikely to have to join forces to escape. What they find inside could be friendships, memories, or even dark secrets. Uncover the truth of Fazbear Entertainment in this unique show about Five Nights at Freddy’s Universe.

AFTEREFFECT DX: Director Cut Feature

The experience is 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes long with a large amount of dialogue and cutscenes.

Play as Vanessa, who soon becomes a reluctant follower, as you discover what made her William Afton’s successor.

A narrative-driven visual novel focusing on the interesting implications of FNAF: The Legend of Help Wanted is revealed.

Escape from a deadly glitch and participate in hack minigames

Many Easter eggs for those who are passionate about the lore of the franchise.

Features original artwork and original music. You can get the soundtrack here!

New feature in AFTEREFFECT DX: Director Cut

A brand new ending (ACT 4: Illusion Broken) adds 1hr-1hr and 30min worth of new cutscenes.

Solve a coding puzzle to unlock the fastest of the story…

A new boss fighting experience never seen in the original AFTEREFFECT.

New interactive poster that expands on the story of Vanessa and her accomplice Marielle.

New artwork and portraits, as well as many quality of life improvements.

New easy hack feature for those who have difficulty with hack segments.

2 playable looks: Play as Vanessa’s AFTEREFFECT design or the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach inspired design!

Explore the depths of Dekogon Industries and learn about the inner workings of Dekogon Industries VR Core!

The new add-on menu includes never before seen concept art as well as an additional playable challenge… the return of Cruel Hour (now Cruel Nights) from previous VOCAL NIGHTMARE fans Here’s ours!


Cruel Night-EX! HARDER version of Cruel Night? How could a night be more difficult? Learn and become the ultimate AFEREFFECT master!

Really hot Easter eggs that existing fans of AFEREFFECT will really enjoy! Find out by defeating Cruel Night-EX.


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3/5 - (3 votes)

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