Five Nights at Wario’s: High Rollers

Free Download Five Nights at Wario’s: High Rollers for PC. In the many attempts that Wario has made to make more money, he has established his own Casino.

Five Nights at Wario's: High Rollers
Five Nights at Wario’s: High Rollers

Wario’s friends Waluigi, Mario, Luigi and Peach all joined to gain some income from the establishment. However, one day, Wario and his friends are found brutally murdered at one of his other establishments, Wario’s Fast Food Factory. Although Wario is no longer in control of the Casino, several others have decided to run the Casino themselves.

You got a job as a security guard there.

Game Five Nights at Wario: High Rollers

FNaW: High Rollers is a fan game of the FNaW series created by WwwWario. It has unique gameplay mechanics not seen in other FNaF games. High Rollers has many features, including:

6 nights to play in Story Mode. Learn the story and slowly encounter each enemy as you play.

Custom night. Choose each character’s AI or disable them entirely and play to your own custom levels. Can you complete the All Max challenge?

The character design is completely different from the original FNaW games.

Interface for your Slot Machine.


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3/5 - (3 votes)

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