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Corrupted Purgatory free download. This game brings a plot between the previous parts of FNAF and added it. This adds horror factors and creates a challenging game for FNAF fan games.

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Corrupted Purgatory Story

The story is about an unnamed character called “waiter”, who is working at a reward for Animatronic from Fazbear Entertainment – a famous company with mysterious and scary puppets.

The story begins when the “waiter” gets a new job at a new branch of Fazbear Entertainment. However, this new destination is not the same as the places where the “waiter” used to work before. It is called a “dead zone” where the Animatronic has been canceled to be destroyed.

When the “waiter” came here, he quickly realized that something was not right. Animatronics not only stops destroying each other but also become immortal and tries to kill “waiters”. They look scary and cruel, despite being canceled.

Throughout the game, the “waiter” must perform the tasks to survive and learn the truth about why Animatronic has become immortal. He will investigate through the rooms, decipher the mystery, and evade Animatronic’s threat. The game ends when the “waiter” finds a way to escape from Corrupted Purgatory and destroy the mysterious power that has made the immortal Animatronic.


The gameplay of this game is built on the previous parts of the FNAF fan games list. In particular, players will play a guardian stuck in a messy research institute and infected by creatures like Animatronics.

Players will have to learn the rooms in the Research Institute, seek wounds and signs to determine the existence of dangerous creatures, and avoid them. The game will create pressure and stress when players must use time management skills and handle situations to survive overnight.

The organisms in the game will have a separate and dangerous way. And players will have to learn to understand how they attack and defend. The use of security systems such as cameras, doors, and flashlights is important to maintain survival.

Corrupted Purgatory brings horror and scary work, discovering more about a new aspect of the FNAF. The story of discovering evil and mystery is behind the dead land and the puppets. Try now!


In the game Corrupted Purgatory, some main characters appear, including Ryan, and Vincent, and animatronics include Springtrap, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and other versions from previous.


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4/5 - (5 votes)
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