Ultimate Custom Night 2

Ultimate Custom Night 2 is being built by the developer and will create many surprises for fans. With the positive reception of Ultimate Custom Night 1. Then this will be a promising addition for players.

ultimate custom night 2 download

We’ll briefly outline the story and gameplay of Ultimate Custom Night 1. The game where an adversary has once again stuck alone in the office against the murderous animatronics!

Featuring over 50 selectable animated characters in all versions of the original FNAF game. The options for customization are almost endless.
You can combine any characters you want them to, you can optionally set their difficulty from 0-20, then jump right into the action!
You need to focus on these places well:

From the desk in the office,

Two side doors,
Two vents
Two air ducts
They all lead straight into your office.

Those are the in-game developments of the previous version.
UCN 2 basically will fix many bugs from the original game.

Upgraded more features in the game such as:

  • All animation is missing from UCN!
  • New dialogue for new characters!
  • Mod page! This place can create mods for the game and can be shared for
  • other players to upload.
  • DeeDee settings and switches.
  • Endless mode, score higher than the maximum!
  • Cup room!
  • Added useful power-ups!
  • The jump phase is fully displayed, no lag like the old version!

This is one of the great games on the FNAF fan games.

Currently, the process of completing the game is in preparation, there is no download version yet. But please be patient, soon, we will update the Ultimate Custom Night 2 free download link as soon as the developer announces it. Please visit our website regularly to keep up with new information.

Link Game: UCN2

3.7/5 - (3 votes)

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)

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