Bonnie Simulator 2 Full

Bonnie Simulator 2 Full by goldenfreddy999 is a fun strategy FNAF inspired fan game. Experience a unique hunt and try to complete the mission before you run out of time!

Bonnie Simulator 2 Full
Bonnie Simulator 2 Full

Tips for Bonnie Simulator 2 Full – an original game by Egroce

FNaF Bonnie Simulator 2 Full is set in a dark place. It is the home of many different evil animatronic mascots.

Unlike Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon, you will start off with a robotic character. You are able to begin as T. Bonnie or Bonnie. They have scary faces.

As a killer machine, your mission is also dissimilar to what you have done in the FNaF series. In fact, what you have to do is to capture the night guard before 6 AM.

Be careful! Your move time is limited.

Meanwhile, you can interact with security cameras and choose the area to visit. More importantly, you need to attack the man.

Therefore, it is great to roam around rooms. Especially, they must be available and they will lead you to the office.

While the battery will reduce quickly, your prey can flee and continuously switch space. He is cunning and he will win if he stays alive at the last moment.

Are you willing to play Bonnie Simulator 2 Full Free Download and catch the watchman promptly? Attempt to manipulate every device around the building! Good luck!

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