Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version)


Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) Free Download for PC is a horror game that was known as a tetralogy of Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games.

In this game, you are a handyman of the new brand restaurant Bubba’s Diner named Edward Clark. You play as the night guard for the restaurant and have a chance to explore the mysterious events with the animatronic robots.

How To Play

Bubba – the animatronic bear, Mr. Giggle – the white rabbit, Porkpatch – the pig, and Smiley – The black bunny are the animatronics which are very hostile and want to attack anyone they can find. During five nights in the restaurant, you have to fix the broken furniture and solve some puzzles mini-games.

Bubba's Diner
Bubba’s Diner

In Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version), you will not use the cameras like playing FNaF; instead, the phone guy will help you whenever you need it. Besides, you can use the features like doors and switches when these animatronics come closer.


Điểm neoBubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) is a fan-made horror game which you should experience now. We believe that you will not despair in playing this game. It is available for free download at