Welcome to the world of ELLIE’S Free Download. ELLIE’S is a horror game inspired and inspired by FNAF1. Don’t rate it yet if you haven’t tried it yet. ELLIE’S will not let you down.


That was in 1984. There were a lot of events happening one after another in the local pizza chain in town. You play a man named Jan Calaho with the job of an investigative journalist.

You enjoy the work of discovering the mystery. Right now, there has been a murder at Ellie Milkshakes and Fries. Rumours about this incident attracted you, and so, you decided to discover what actually happened. To find the clues, you apply for a job as a nightguard.


Design Philosophy

ELLIES is an innovative game that inherits the spirit of FNAF1. In a way, you might feel that ELLIE’S is the second version of FNAF1. But not so. ELLIE’S is a whole new game with new formulas. This game has many factors that make it more mysterious and unique than FNAF1.

To play the game smoothly, you need to have equipment with fixed specifications. For ELLIE’S, MINIMUM SPECS is DUAL CORE or 2GBS OF RAM. Of course, the game can also run well with higher specifications.


Programmer: Scrubby

Designer: Scrubby

Modelers: Scrubby, Stevenmator

Animators: Scrubby

Animatics: Scrubby

by Scribby @Scribby
5/5 - (2 votes)
5/5 - (2 votes)

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