Fazbear Deception

Fazbear Deception is made to be a fan game of the Five Nights At Freddy’s and Dark Deception. If you are a regular fan of the two games, you should not miss this fan-made game for any reason. Let’s get started to download it for free here.

Fazbear Deception
Fazbear Deception


The game brings all of you to immerse yourself deeply into a thrilling story in which you will put yourself into the shoes of the main character.

This time, you will find yourself being trapped, William. It is your punishment due to your action you did to us. Do you know Cassidy? This name will definitely bring something to your mind. It promises to come back soon.

It is a fact that there may a solution for your difficulty at the moment. We will explain it as soon as you walk through the portal.


  • In order to use a power-up, press Q
  • To toggle run/sprint, press Shift
  • To walk around the place, use WASD
  • To adjust the mini-map view, press Tab
  • To pause the game, press P or escape

The game contains flashing lights, sound effects, as well as jumpscares. If you are easily disturbed by any of these elements, you should consider the game.

Download Fazbear Deception for free here and enjoy the game right now.


The Frebby Official @TheFrebbyDev

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