Fred’s Factory

Fred’s Factory is a horror Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fangame. Fight against multiple aggressive animatronic characters lurking in the darkness and escape from their jumpscares in time! Try to remain alive!

Fred's Factory
Fred’s Factory

The gameplay of Fred’s Factory

Everything in the new story of Fred’s Factory will bring back amazing gameplay.

  • Start off with a person who has already wakened up in a strange and creepy place. It is a haunted building, the home of numerous scary creatures.
  • Before finding out the exit, you must attain a good ending. It means that you must survive.
  • The enemy will roam and get closer to your space or invade it. Don’t let any of them achieve their goal or you will be killed!
  • Every tool or device around the area is really helpful to follow their movement or block them.
  • The AI finally moves away at a higher pace. But, Rvae can destroy you despite it is at Level 0.

Fred’s Factory is available to download and launch right now! Are you ready to step into such a thrilling challenge? Attempt to manage the power consumption or you will be jumpscared soon! Remember that they will gradually become more active! Check every corner carefully! Have fun!


-=Rafieko=- @Rafieko

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