Fun Times at Homer’s 3

Fun Times at Homer’s 3 is a survival Fnaf game that you can download for free. Play against multiple dangerous creatures and stay alive to win!

Fun Times at Homer's 3
Fun Times at Homer’s 3

After the events of FTaH2, the security couch is missing. A new entity named Suitcage appears. Suitcage is the name of the bad guy that you are going to encounter.

You should prepare well to deal with everything scary and deadly. Otherwise, you cannot become the winner if they catch you.

At present, the game has been paused because Homer’s major update is available. However, the developer is giving himself a good break before he unpauses it.

In Fun Times at Homer’s 3 Free Download, you will have to fend off lurking monsters. It’s essential to block them from attacking you. If you are successful, you can progress and achieve the goal. Are you ready to take part in the challenge and complete it?


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2/5 - (1 vote)

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