Help In Bits

Help In Bits is made to be an interesting horror game to honor favorite YouTubers, Rafa Paulo, Huestation, Mr. Guinas, and Core. If you are excited about this game, download it for free without any hesitation.

Help In Bits
Help In Bits


The game brings all of you to immerse yourself in-depth into a creepy story that centers around a new location: Sapucaia’s Pizzaria.

After the event that Youtubers, including Henrique Marangon, Renan Souzones, Roberto Vasconcelos, and Rafa Paulo, disappeared, the authorities are trying their best to find out clues. Their relatives are also attempting to spread posters with the hope of looking for them as soon as possible.

Incidentally, a pizzeria in Homage to Youtubers opens its door to the public in Sapcaia City. It quickly becomes one of the biggest attractions in this city.

And not the protagonist who has a close connection with one of the disappeared YouTubers decides to go to this pizzeria in order to find out the answers. However, he unexpectedly explores something that will change his life.

The main attraction of the Pizzeria is animatronic robots. Coincidentally, these animatronic characters are inspirited by YouTubers. What wrong would happen?

Let’s get started to download Help In Bits for free here and continue to discover the rest of the story in your own way.


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