JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

screen shots
screen shots

After Night 5, you think that is it done? Oh, my dear, the circle of the story is continuing, and your task on the board. Jolly 3: Chapter 2 is the second part of Jolly 3, which one leads to Night 5 directly. Below the ground, you are standing in JOLLY ENTERTAINMENT FACTORY

Bad news is coming up…

In this chapter, Jolly 3 divided into two stages: Main night and After-main night.

Stage 1: Your mission needs to survive from 12 to 6 AM morning in the office. A camera panel you can use to check spots in Jolly Entertainment Factory, only allowing you to focus in somewhere. The board has three tabs, following the guideline to know what to do to breathe until 6 AM morning. Complete? Congratulation, welcome to another five horrible nights in this horrid facility!

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2
JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

Stage 2: The shift is not over yet. Ten files need you to decode it all at home. During your mission, the animatronics are haunting you, defeating them to finish your shift, and exploring an atrocious in Jolly 3.

The nightmare and lousy ending? Have string traps in Jolly Entertainment Factory? And you, ready to shake? Let bust this horrid game!

Good news to you

  • Harder and scarer
  • Subtitles in scenes
  • Voice acting
  • Point and click-free roam
  • Extremely extra
  • AnchorAndroid is ready
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