One Haunted Night – Chapter 2

One Haunted Night is now downloadable with chapter 2. You begin a night adventure at a factory and try to defeat all animatronics.

One Haunted Night - Chapter 2
One Haunted Night – Chapter 2

You continue a new horror adventure in the second installment of the One Haunted Night series. The series took inspiration from the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In this chapter, you play as Jonathan Backler. You have survived a night at a scary factory. Then, you made a decision on taking the company’s truck to escape away from this place. Because the animatronics are teasing you, it is important to escape, otherwise, you will be jumpscared. You have defeated them already. However, they are back to life and getting scarier. So, the good way for you to survive is to run away from them.

Here is how you play the game:

  • You use the spacebar for using the flashlight while using the lock button for closing a door.
  • When Blinky and B.Blanky are beside the door, you must close it.
  • To make P.Blunky go away after he has come to the front of the truck, you can use the flashlight.
  • When G.Blinky and Prototype are in the front of the truck, you can flashlight to make them go away as well. When they reach behind, make sure you close the door.
  • There is a saving system in the title. The game will be saved at 12 AM, 2 AM, and 4 AM. So, when you get killed, just don’t refresh the page or end the game. It is because you can continue the game where you have left.
  • Try to reload the power of the generator as well.

One Haunted Night Chapter 2 free download is a game for the fans of horror games.


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