FNaF World XL

FNaF World XL is designed to be a fan-made game that is highly recommended for all fans of the horror genre. It takes inspiration from the original FNAF and comes with a lot of interesting things. Download it for free here.

FNaF World XL
FNaF World XL

The game comes with the aim of giving a new twist to the core mechanics of the original FNAF game and try to spice it up with many great new contents. When the animatronic world is under threat, it is up to the Fazbear crew to protect it.

Potential features:

  • Come with a new tier of useful entities with their unique defensive abilities
  • The new unique soundtrack for new areas
  • Alternative combat-oriented modes
  • Online multiplayer
  • 3D segments
  • And more

Planned features:

  • Add new models and assets
  • Add new characters to use
  • Skill levels
  • New team attacks
  • Extensive overworld
  • New skills, chips to make use of
  • More new enemy varieties, more new rivals to encounter and fight against
  • More secrets to discover
  • Bigger kinds of minigames
  • And more

It is time for you to play together with your favorite characters such as Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, and many of their friends.

Don’t hesitate anymore to download FNaF World XL for free here and enjoy the game in your own way. Try your best to complete all missions as soon as possible.


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