Fyrat’s Ice Cream

Fyrat’s Ice Cream is a horror survival game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s, the creation of Scott Cawthon. Download and defend your life from all of the wandering animatronics to survive!

About Fyrat’s Ice Cream

If you have ever played FNAF, you should try it out before you join the real challenge.

Similar to FNAF, you will start off with a night watchman working a part-time job at a dark building. It’s the place where mysterious events have happened.


The location is Fyrat’s Ice Cream by the Ice Cream parlor company. The boss has purchased a series of animatronic mascots to attract more kids and grown-ups.

You are a new employee hired to watch over equipment and those robots.

And, your actual mission will focus on blocking them from attacking you. If you are not successful in preventing, they will jump to grab, kidnap and destroy your body then.

The surveillance system set throughout areas and the flashlight are very helpful to spot and push the foes back.

Different from FNAF games, it’s easy to wander around.

Major features

Here are a few notable points in-game:

Animated cut scenes

Bonus content

Limited point n click free roam

Various quests to finish in each stage


Fyrat’s Ice Cream is a free download FNAF fan-made game. It allows you to discover deeper into the playfield. But, it’s essential to watch your back and every side. Connect and perform your skills!


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