Sleepless Nights at Freddy’s (Official)

Download the official Sleepless Nights at Freddy’s a horror FNaF fan game for free and start as a night watchman! Attempt to survive deadly jumpscares of animatronic mascots to win!

Sleepless Nights at Freddy's
Sleepless Nights at Freddy’s

About Sleepless Nights at Freddy’s (Official)

The story is set in a vintage restaurant in the local. It is a dark building. In which, you will play like a security guard.

Your nightshift happens at midnight and ends at 6 AM. The challenge can occur during a week.

To get paid, you need to stay alive! It is a mission that is more important than watching over equipment.

Aside from your existence, you can sometimes see the appearance of a few machines. They are robots that often behave strangely at night.

After you open the office, they wake up as well.

They will find to turn off the noise. Unfortunately, they are also able to kill you.

In order to become the winner, you must prevent these monsters from entering that room until the final moment.

It is obviously a hard job. Keep calm! You can stop them from jumping by using available devices.

They are cameras to supervise their movement or doors to block them, and so on.

Remember to save the power supply!

Sleepless Nights at Freddy’s is now free to download. It actually hides a lot of secrets. Can you uncover all? Good luck!



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