Some Nights at Coffy’s : a new beginning

Some Nights at Coffy’s : a new beginning or Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) is completely available to download! Get ready to fight in another FNAF fan game and survive!

Some Nights at Coffy's : a new beginning
Some Nights at Coffy’s : a new beginning

Some Nights at Coffy’s : a new beginning or an ending?

We are joining a horror title inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Aside from getting the instruction from the Tutorial Menu, you will be able to roam partially.

It has a different way to experience the latest challenge. In which, you can explore a series of exciting achievements active in the full game.


Since the newest and terrifying unwanted events in Coffy’s Café, that location is shut down. After being upgraded, it has the other look. The current attractions promise to bring back a lot of fun.

After reopening for 5 years, it is also the moment that you are longing to earn money to pay for your apartment. Therefore, you accept to work as a night watchman in that place. Unfortunately, it may be the last career.

In fact, you are going to face-to-face many dangers caused by animatronic mascots inhabiting there.

How to deal with the enemy

It’s easy to find a corridor and a window. Not only that, you have a flashlight to check everything in the dark areas. It is useful to flash the light at anything coming.

Besides, the security cameras system is valid to supervise whichever roaming. Remember to reboot that program, close the vent, and more!

Some Nights at Coffy’s : a new beginning introduces a creepy destination. If you can stay alive until 7 AM, you will win and get paid. Do not let monsters kidnap you!


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