Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2

Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 is the sequel of the series Weekdays at Wilbur’s which has attracted many players who are the faithful of the famous horror series game – Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Weekdays at Wilbur's 2
Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2


The story happens when your college has published a notification in terms of outside school activities as well as community service. One of these activities is that you will become the security guard in the animatronic examining facility, where they host and look after the animatronic mascots from a diversity of placements.


  • Wilbur – Based on how close he is to an entrance point, externalizes which location on the layout to place/displace the Dummy to, so as to prevent Wilbur from getting in that entry point. However, one thing that you should notice is that the more you displace the Dummy, the more power has been decreased that can be increased just when he is in the office charging.
  • Shelldom – Once Shelldom is close the entrance point, if he does not exist from the whole cameras, he is on one of the entrance hallways to your office, there is the sound similar to the alarm once he is nearest to where he got in so as to lure him to another close room to that sound.
  • Seamate Seagull – he adheres to a path from an end of the nap to another, once he is on a camera of an entrance point, he will come to your left hallway. Keep your light on him to set his path one more time.


These are some outstanding aspects in terms of Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 that we would like to show to the player. Are you ready to face these challenges and get your own victory? If yes, just tap on the “Download” button and begin the game right now. Don’t hesitate to do that since this game is free download for your PC.


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