Abandoned: Discovery Island

Abandoned: Discover Island is a fangame of the common terrifying series – Five Nights at Freddy’s. The official Abandoned: Discover Island has appointed Five Nights at Treasure Island revivals during the process.

Abandoned Discovery Island
Abandoned Discovery Island


The whole quantity of games is the former efforts to remake the Five Nights at Treasure Island game, with a diverse level of achievements. Since that time, greater revivals have been introduced, yet people still want to figure out the charm in these in spite of their errors and how different they are from the official version to finish AnArt1996’s traditional fangame.

Plentiful pictures and jumpscares were created by AnArt1996 and SubwooferX3 from the former version of the original Five Nights at Treasure Island. Recent design of CAM 11 by LiquidLampz adjusted from AnArt1996’s official WIP.


Dissimilar to some horror fangames of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Treasure Island has been fallen off the map after a long time being launched. Thus, Abandoned: Discover Island has appeared as a considerable effort in order to remake the game and attract more users. All you have to do is just clicking on the “Download” button and get the game right now.


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