Joyful Fears

Joyful Fears is a fan game free to download by FNAF for PC. What are dreams? Some say they are the embodiment of one’s inner thoughts.

Joyful Fears
Joyful Fears

Though we all know that’s not true, right? Dreams reveal a person’s true colors, and everything that they are hiding behind their fixed or broken smile. Although this could also be wrong. You never know. Since there are no answers, why not find out for yourself?

Travel through a scary dream world and find out what you are hiding. All one’s thoughts are expressed in one way or another. Yours is experiencing horrible nightmares. Face your fears, be true to yourself, accept what you have become. If you are ready to do it, then ….. come and face your fear joyfully.


Project Manager / Story Director | Apollo

Director Dong Truyen | CryptoSporidium

Lead Programmer | Belugaking

Character Model | Maxterion

Environment Modeler | Belugaking and wheat

Animation | Goose and Zero Sinitheria

Composer | Shadric

Concept Artist / Designers | Apollo, Maxterion and DarkSkittlez

Special Contributor | Abracadabra, DuckterStRm, GoldenDiamond and Static

ApolloollopA @ApolloollopA
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