Mid Night Shift 1

Mid Night Shift 1 is a survival Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game free to download. Welcome to the newest part-time job! Can you get paid and stay alive after deadly jumpscares?

Mid Night Shift 1
Mid Night Shift 1

About Mid Night Shift 1

The story focuses on a security guard working at Clyde’s Burger Bill. It is a haunted building hiding some mysteries at night.

Everything strange happens during the nightshift. And, you need to keep him safe until 6 AM. It is the moment his enemies will return to their position and become normal.

Your challenge is to block these scary creatures from invading the office while they can roam.


There are two workers called Clyde Camble and Aidan Bill. They are employees of the factory one day. However, they suddenly disappeared for no reason.

People contacted the police. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find out any evidence.

After that, 2 bodies were seen in the basement. As a result, the owner decided to shut down the mill.

Some years later, the boss determines to reopen it and hires a young man. It is also the role that you play.

Start off with a character called Lewis Carter and you are asked to watch over the location. Unluckily, it is not the main aim. Your mission is to defend from evil monsters lurking in the dark.

Mid Night Shift 1 is a fun-addicting horror title inspired by Five Nights at Wario’s. Hence, it promises to bring back a great experience. Jump into the seat and begin the task now!


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