Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade

Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade is another Baldi game, a free horror fan game of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Discover the newest adventure and survive as long as you can before winning!

Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade
Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade

A deadly story in Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade

You are trapped in an old deserted school-house. In which, Baldi and his gang are going out to play.

You must prevent Baldi, Bully, and other scary creatures from killing you. Meanwhile, you have to compete against many rivals.

Although it is not the most exciting storyline, it promises to offer a memorable experience. The second chapter is completely upgraded, including more cameras and nicer graphics.

What you really need to implement in 2nd Grade is to stay alive at all costs.

Via the surveillance system, it is fully feasible to follow the most moves of the enemy. Further, other tools will help you block those monsters from grabbing you.

Timer at Baldis 2: 2nd Grade by RamenGames is available for you to download. Aside from the real opponent, you can encounter threats from Phantom characters. You’d better prepare for finding the best strategy if you expect to be the winner. Are you ready to embark on your job? Good luck!


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